Thursday, June 2, 2016

3 Products to Get You Fit and Fresh this Summer

According to non-scientific, yet blatantly obvious climatic evidence, when the temperature increases, the amount of clothing you put on your body decreases. This skin showing phenomenon is mostly referred to as summer. And in Switzerland it’s just around the corner (at least, given the weather patterns, fingers crossed that it will soon arrive). 
With the year’s most sizzling months ahead, those with bodies chiselled like the Matterhorn and ripped like the waves on Lake Geneva have a lot to look forward to. But what about the workaholics who haven’t made it much to the gym or the procrastinators who are still putting exercise and beauty on hold? No matter if you are lazy Susan, gym queen or something in between, here are a three products to help you feel fit and fresh this season and build on whatever you have (or haven’t) done. 

Effortless abs
Slang has cultural biases. The beloved six-pack in America could refer to a favorite brew or to well-perfected abdominals.  In the chocolate-loving French speaking part of the world, they call sculpted abs a “tablette de chocolate.” Clearly, consuming either isn’t going to help much in the midsection.

Somatoline however, may just be a modern day miracle in a bottle. Backed by little evidence or medical proof – the maker claims proven results in clinical trials on a whopping 25 men – this product may be a gamble. But when it comes to shaping those hard to transform abdominals, a bet on something is always better than nothing. Reassuring any doubts, the neon bluish cream in the sport version gives a warming tingle on application that lets you know something’s reacting. For extra effect, there’s also an intensive night version that can be used in parallel. And it’s definitely not just the same thing with different packaging. The night cream is putrid green and carries a retched smell much more unpleasant than its minty day counterpart.  Day or night, start rubbing these on and if you’re as lucky as the guys they tested you could see yourself get 29% more toned in just 4 weeks. Not bad for simply slapping on a cream.

Picture perfect
Online or in an album, looking back at a summer well spent is always satisfying. That is until you get to that series of photos where unsightly underarm sweat takes all the attention away from perfect smiles. It can happen to the best of guys, especially those daring to wear bright colors or earth tones, but with the right product, there’s a way to dry up the body’s unsightly cooling system. Sudaxyl, offered in three levels of intensity is more than just a deodorant. It’s a sweat stopper. Roll this on under your arms every day for a week then just once a week after that and you’ll be picture perfect and worry free all summer long. Just remember this antiperspirant is an addition to your deo. It stops sweat, not odor.   

Plant power is proven. The vitamins, fibers, antioxidants, minerals and other benefits you can get from greens are mostly well known and documented. But have you heard of chlorophyll? In plants it’s a booster for absorbing energy from the sun, and in you it’s a booster for your immune system. An even bigger benefit for looking your best, dosing up on chlorophyll gives your body a cleanse that will leave your skin fresh and blemish free. While you can certainly eat it in spinach and salads, to maximize its powerful detox qualities, try products like Tisama’s Super Green Chlorophyll. Just a teaspoon of this powder extract in the morning will work to purify your face to perfection. Drinking it may take some getting used to. It’s thick, bubbly and green when stirred in water and tastes (not surprisingly) a lot like liquid grass.  But if that sounds too hard to swallow, it also comes in a pill form at most pharmacies. Combined with the vitamin D you’ll get from the sun, this is summer skin therapy from the inside out.